For foreigners living in Ichikawa City, Chiba Pref. From this April, rice from Aizu area (located in Fukushima Pref.) is used for school lunch at public elementary school and junior high school. It was decided by city council under the friendship agreement with Aizu 3 cities.

Ichikawa administration says “all packages are inspected and result of radioactive material contamination is much lower than Government standard”. But the problem is that inspected material is only cesium and other material such as strontium is not inspected.

Another problem is it was decided before prevailing information to the parents. And it seems many foreign parents do not know this fact because paper on this matter distributed at school is written in Japanese. Also, many foreign parents don’t know where “Aizu area” is located.

The most significant point is that food cost for school lunch is paid by parents, not by administration. How Ichikawa administration and council can decide such important matter without listening opinion from parents? We can hardly understand.

Now we are planning to submit a petition to the city council. The more people there are, more power we have. Although right to vote is not given to foreigners, petition right you have. It is protected by Japanese constitution and Ichikawa city owes obligation to protect your right.

We need your cooperation. If you agree with us, please participate in our LINE group using this QR code. It is my personal code and I will invite you to the group. We are waiting for your participation.